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Judith Thompson Language: English Report abuse

All I wanted to know was where my aunt was buried. I was not told of the funeral at the time. She could be buried in Billerica, or in a family grave site in medford, or malden, or somerville Mass. I don't have the time or knowledge to search all those places. I asked a simple question, and spent ten minutes while a huge amount of info that i never asked for was compiled, and then I was told in order to see it I'd have to spend $27. I wasnt asking for a public search for HER. Only where she was buried.

Kirke Mcvay Language: English Report abuse

I was engaged to be married to Gretchen and we were in an auto accident in October of 1979. She did not survive the accident. We were hit by a drunken driver.

John E. Gustafson Language: English Report abuse

My grandmother's date of death is incorrect. Borghild Skottet b. June 14 1902 died on January 31 1994.

The incorrect date of January 15 1994 was entered. Can you make the correction? Thank you. John Gustafson

Robert C Brinker Language: English Report abuse

Flew with Frank at Luke AFB in 1954. Great friend.

Madeline Green Language: English Report abuse

I miss you dad.

Mariya Lozuk Language: English Report abuse

It is very interesting and exciting to read information about my great-grandfather John (Ivan) Lozuk. Born in Belarus (at that time it was Poland), in 1913 he left his country. He left his wife Eugene, and two sons - Anton and Matvey. Unfortunately, neither children nor wife could ever see more than father and husband. Today in Belarus, John Lozyuk has a lot of relatives. Ivan had 14 grandchildren and a lot of great-grandchildren. I am the great-granddaughter of John (Ivan) Lozyuk. My greatest desire is to visit the grave of my great-grandfather. I would be very grateful for any information about my great-grandfather.

Gloria Gadberry Language: English Report abuse

Thank you for letting me register

Jerry Jones Language: English Report abuse

John A. Odeno was a favored uncle. He died at age 83.

Sabrina Addison Language: English Report abuse

I miss you momma so very much! You will live in my heart forever.



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